YSEC offers services in five core areas: market research and analysis, strategic planning, stakeholder engagement, business plan development and performance benchmarking.

With a team of academically and professionally diverse consultants, our areas of expertise span numerous fields and core functions to include: communications and marketing, small business development, outreach and engagement, transformation management, environmental assessment, not-for-profit fundraising, water and wastewater treatment, social-demographic research, cost benefit analysis, environmental compliance and reporting, event planning and sustainability policy.


Market Research and Analysis

Access to world-class research facilities and a robust network enable us to offer comprehensive research and analysis through a unique and interdisciplinary lense, incorporating environmental, social as well as economic considerations.


Strategic Planning

By performing a thorough review of internal and external factors, both at the industry and firm level, we offer a third-party perspective on your company’s strategic positioning. We offer recommendations for the short- and long-term and facilitate the implementation of sustainability initiatives and Corporate Social Responsibility strategies.


Stakeholder Engagement

YSEC lends credibility to the consultation process by conducting independent interviews with customers, suppliers, staff and/or other interested parties and analyzing stakeholder feedback in an unbiased manner