Managing Director

Tanushree Bose was a geologist in the Canadian mining and exploration sector. After transitioning to a corporate social responsibility role, she worked first-hand with Indigenous communities to manage multiple stakeholder interests. She cofounded a sales representative firm for American and German industrial equipment manufacturers and developed their Canadian market. Tanushree has also cofounded Upstream Greens, a not-for-profit urban agriculture initiative at York University to facilitate R&D of a shipping container aquaponics growing system. She intends to pursue a career in business development for a sustainability-driven organization. She joined YSEC since the start of her MBA at Schulich.


Director of Projects

Luis Paucar has more than 4 years of experience working with IT service delivery firms in IT infrastructure optimization, change management and process improvement areas. He has worked for a Microsoft partner in Peru, implementing business solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics AX, Qlikview and Demand Solutions. After that, he worked in consulting, specializing in strategic planning and start-up projects. Luis is currently in his second year of the Schulich MBA program. His home town is Peru, where he received his Business Administration degree at Universidad del Pacifico.

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Business Development Director

Andrew Johnson has over five years of policy and government relations experience in Ottawa. He is studying towards a Master of Environmental Studies from York University, and concurrently working towards a Graduate Diploma in Sustainability and Business from the Schulich School of Business. In his spare time he volunteers with WWF-Canada. Andrew’s expertise is engaging multiple stakeholders and building capacity within an organization. He is interested in ecological economics and sustainability strategies for businesses and resource industries.


Communications & Recruitment Director

Anuja Kapoor has more than 3 years experience in communications with a background in geography and international relations. Her career kicked off as an editorial intern at the National Geographic Traveller Magazine in Mumbai, after which she found her goals align with the non-profit world. Until recently she was a campaign coordinator at Environmental Defence Canada. Anuja grew up along the coast of the Red Sea, where she spent her summers exploring the depths as a certified scuba diver. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Environmental Studies at York University, with a specialization in planning. Her research is centered on climate change adaptation and disaster-risk reduction in coastal zones.


Alumni Relations Director

Alan Nhieu has five years of experience in fast-paced chemical manufacturing, developing innovative methods to transform raw chemicals to complex organic compounds used in drug discovery. He has led projects to reduce consumables cost by half, implemented standardized equipment training and created a recycling program that taught end users to reuse purification consumables in manufacturing processes. Alan’s interest in implementing sustainable solutions in industry led him to pursue an MBA at Schulich.


Finance Director

Shaama Sabih Yousuf completed her undergraduate degree in economics at McGill University, after which she began her career in the non-profit sector working for Plan International. She then switched industries to move across the world and work at a financial institution in Pakistan. Her passion to travel has led her to 30 countries so far. Shaama recently kicked-off her MBA at Schulich aspiring to become a sustainable food entrepreneur.



Jhankrut Shah is a finance professional with half a decade of experience in analyzing million-dollar investments across the globe and providing recommendations to boards of large and small corporations. After managing default risk of an oil and gas loan portfolio for an investment bank, he moved to an early-stage clean technology venture engaged in developing rooftop solar assets for corporates across Asia. He developed a finance process including risk architecture and made critical contributions to the company’s growth to become the subcontinent’s leading solar developer. Jhankrut is looking for ways to contribute to the decarbonization of the energy sector and is a current MBA student at Schulich with a strong interest in sustainability education.

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Elizabeth Holloway is interested in renewable energies, the green economy and creative interventions to bring about sustainability. Her experience in the forestry sector has led her across Canada, from coast to coast, coordinating tree-planting for reclamation projects. Elizabeth enjoys the challenge and beauty of remote locations. For those with a keen sense of adventure, she highly recommends biking down the west coast to California. Elizabeth is currently a Master of Environmental Studies student pursuing the Business and Environment Diploma Program at Schulich.



Paruksheen Dhunjisha has a background in interior architecture and experience designing iconic buildings around the world. She recognizes the urgent need for businesses to redesign their functions at their core to be socially equitable and environmentally responsible while maintaining economic success. She is pursuing an MBA at Schulich to better understand corporations from the ground-up and wants to specialize in sustainability to sharpen her expertise in sustainable design. She was five when she first learned about the value of the environment watching Animal Planet, and since then has happily borne the nickname of "Captain Planet" in her family.



Tasnuva Fahmeema Maniza is an inquisitive undergraduate business student at Schulich who is driven to push business and society towards sustainable practices. As an environmental ambassador for her residence council, she has developed strategies to engage residents and coordinated residence-wide environmental initiatives to achieve the goal of “the most environmentally friendly residence on campus.” Her passion and determination to make a positive change in the corporate world is something she looks forward to leveraging through YSEC.



Gautam Gandhi is an engineer by qualification, advertiser by profession and an entrepreneur in the non-profit space by choice. He has close to half a decade of experience in creating strong marketing communications for leading global brands across digital, print and television. He believes in giving back to society and his interest in sustainability stems from his desire to help people. Gautam has started his own non-profit organization that helps educate underprivileged girls. He is currently pursuing his MBA at Schulich School of Business, looking for opportunities in the fields of marketing and sustainability.



Nitya Singla has worked with a competitive Big 4 for ~5 years applying her academic knowledge to audit financial statements of both Fortune 500 companies and early-stage tech ventures. She is an accountant by profession and her inquisitive nature to explore other business areas motivated her to pursue an MBA in an evolving economy. She is strongly driven by understanding the impact of sustainability objectives for a business in the competitive world. In future, she would like to work towards collaborating the financial and sustainable goals of an organization to generate measurable and beneficial social impact.



Guilherme Grunthal is an engaged professional with more than two years of experience in entrepreneurship and with a background in engineering. After creating a venture that aimed to empower professors in Brazil, he decided to pursue the Master of Management degree to leverage his professional capabilities and help companies with their operational challenges. Guilherme sees sustainability as a way to generate value for enterprises while keeping in mind the well-being of communities