Fikriye Yilmaz

Fikriye Yilmaz moved to Canada from Turkey. She studied philosophy and sociology in France
and proceeded to work in hospitality industry. Passionate about social cause and creating a
positive impact on our society, she volunteered for immigrants in France as a consultant. She
worked for women’s right in Turkey as media director for 4 years. With the aspiration of
reconciling business skills with modern challenges in the social industry, Fikriye started her
International MBA studies at Schulich School of Business in 2017. She is also currently working
on an impact investing project lead by Wharton University. She likes meeting new people and is
a strong believer in communication as a problem-solving tool. She wants to use finance and
organizational tools to create sustainable solutions for small-scale business. Fikriye enjoys
playing the violin and grateful to have supportive family and friends.